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Uncertainty is a business killer.

To be successful, companies must plan expenses and know that vital business systems will work as needed. Taking a reactive approach to maintaining your IT networks is simply too costly in too many ways: lost productivity, dissatisfied customers, and enormous repair costs. Our managed IT services are the smart, cost-effective alternative.

We work with all of the major providers to find the right hardware and software solutions for each individual client. ACT understands client needs and stays current with industry changes affecting them. We actively seek ways to save clients time and money through greater utilization of existing technology and implementation of more efficient systems.

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ACT’s goal is to minimize employee downtime through active monitoring and real-time patch management. This proactive approach often allows us to correct issues remotely before the client even realizes a problem exists. We work closely with every client to tailor solutions to the individual organization’s needs. Our key goal is to form a lasting relationship with every client through comprehensive technology planning and timely implementations.

Our remote-monitoring tools, back-office services, and software options provide cost-effective IT management to make sure your systems operate as required and deliver the ROI you expect. Key elements include:

Desktop Monitoring and Care

desktop monitoring and care

Our preventive maintenance service for desktops systematically monitors and addresses common problems experienced by desktop users. Whether it’s getting rid of viruses, attacking spyware issues or installing patches, we handle it all — in the background while your employees remain productive.

Mobile Device Management

mobile device management

With more companies looking for efficient, secure ways to incorporate their employees’ personally owned mobile devices into the workplace (also known as “BYOD — bring your own device”) we offer a response that answers all your needs. Our mobile device management (MDM) solution is the fastest, most comprehensive way to get devices configured for company access and to ensure that your organization’s data is secure on smartphones and tablets. As a fully integrated cloud platform, we simplify MDM with rapid deployment, as well as comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications, and documents.

Networking and Security

networking and security

How healthy is your overall network? On a regular basis, we’ll generate reports on the state of your systems, letting you know of potential problems that fall outside of safe parameters. With these comprehensive assessments, you’ll always have the best information for choosing the most effective response option.

Server Monitoring and Care

server monitoring and care

We utilize software agents to track and analyze your network activity 24/7. When a system or function fails, an alert is generated for our team to immediately investigate. Once the problem is identified, we work to remedy it — remotely at first, and with additional resources as needed.


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